Bernasconis swiss italian cuisine
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Bernasconis swiss italian cuisine

Bernasconi's is inspired by the Swiss-Italian cuisine as practiced in Switzerland's southern most province Ticino, south of the Alps and bordering on Italy, where Italian is spoken. 
The Menu

I Primi

Originally the cuisine of this area was similar to other mountain regions of French and German speaking Switzerland. However the southern neighbour, Italy, and the milder climate of ticino's lower valleys influenced the culinary habits of its inhabitants. 
I Secondi

Pasta, risotti e polenta
Pasta Dishes

Per i Vegetariani

Corn, potatoes and chestnuts used to be basic food items. Meat was scarce but game such as deer and mountain goat was always available. Fish and shellfish were abundant. Grapes and wine products have influenced the regional cooking, as have a number of other fruits - even sub tropical ones. A variety of vegetable especially tomatoes, and year round herbs such as sage, rosemary and thyme are used effectively in many popular dishes.
Dalla Griglia
From the grill

Coffee and Liquers

We at Ristorante Bernasconi would like to invite you to sample our interpretation of contemporary "Cucina Nostrana" using the best australian ingredients... Mansfield, Victoria, Australia
In the first known cookbook of the area, written by Luigi Franconi of Brissag in 1846, is the suggestion that "hospitals should be transformed into restaurants and doctors and pharmacists recruited as cooks, in order to make finally valid members of society, since mankind maintains health chiefly by eating well and sensibly!"