Peter Stone

Thankyou for viewing my portfolio.

Forgive my indulgence, but I thought I would include a few prints that have a particular relevance to my life. They may not be the finest of photogrphs, but they bring back good memories - and, anyway, I like them.


It is not difficult to 'get away from it all' in our vast country, and occasionally Wendy and I would visit friends Alan and Joan Miles on their 112,000 acre property bordering on Mungo National Park in south-west New South Wales. It is hard living raising sheep in this dry, scrub country where an aircraft is required to round them up. The original log homestead has been added on over the years.



Hiawatha farmer Ralph Vale leads the team during the Walhalla to Port Albert anniversary run in 1991. Ralph brings the team to Yarram each year at Easter for the Tarra Festival. The leisurely pace of the bullock has been replaced by huge logtrucks that pound the bitumen of the Highland Way. This passage through the hills past Carrajung South was particularly arduous, keeping the brakeman (at the rear) on constant alert lest the team break away. This is the real Gippsland where I live, rich dairy country, always green and vibrant.


More to come. I am still working on this page.

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