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Thankyou for viewing my portfolio. These pages are currently under construction.

Please note: I normally take slides as these are required for reproduction by magazines and advertising agencies. Most of the following selection have been reproduced from printed copies taken from magazines, (I do not usually use print film), hence the quality of reproduction is not the best. If I have scanned off a photographic print, it probably came from a slide and once again a certain amount of quality degradation is to be expected.

In 1990 I trvelled to Yugoslavia as a photo/journalist and subsequently wrote several articles on the country, mainly from the yachting charter and travel side. Although we certainly recognised some of the problems that the people were experiencing in this once communist country, especially the massive inflation, we could not have foreseen the tragic problems that were to erupt. Discussions with local people soon gave the impression that they were cautious, and any comment that appeared to be of a political nature was always guarded, a caution due no doubt to the communist days. I would suggest that I, together with a Melbourne charter yacht agent kerry Dickenson, and an delaide based journalist. were no doubt some of the last of the peaceful travellers to Belgrade. We commenced our yaching voyage from Dubrovnik, a most fascinating historic town with its walled old-city, and travelled to the islands of the Adriatic Sea. I wept unashamedly when I saw the bombing of Dubrovnik on television. My travels gave me the oppportunity of visiting a number of coastal towns and villages, all offering an excellent opportunity for photography. At the time I was writing constantly for Club Marine magazine, whose editor (at the time) Andrew Woodley appreciated a good photograph and was prepared to publish more than the general postcard scene. The following is a small collection of my work, chosen on the basis of what has been published (and therefore in print form), and what I particularly enjoy.

To the many people that we met on our travels, I can only wish them peace, that they may enjoy their wonderful country and one day reach prosperity.

(I shall include here, later, a copy of my feature article published in Club Marine.)

WAITING FOR SUPPER Waiting For Supper.

This is one of my favorite photographs. I spotted the boxer at the end of an alleyway gazeing hopefully through the barred window of a home. This was my second photo of the scene, the dog having turned around on hearing my camera shutter, although I was some twenty metres away, leaning against a wall and shooting hand-held using a telephoto lens.

COBBLESTONES Cobblestones.

Many of the centuries-old coastal towns were paved in cobblestone. This photograph was taken late afternon as a couple strolled past. It brings back particularly vivid memories.


I have fond memories of Dubrovnik, especially the night this photograph was taken. I had enjoyed a particularly delightful meal and had quite understandably ended up in a small bar within the walls of the old city, Stari-Grad, where, shall we say, I enjoyed the hospitality of the locals. Returning to my hotel, I recognised a good photo opportunity. I had my camera equipment but no tripod, so lay down on the wet cobbles, rested the camera on my jacket, and shot off a few frames. The next morning I could barely remember what I had done, so imagine my delight when I saw the final result. The actual 35mm photograph spans both sides of the walk, however only one half is reproduced here as this is one half of a double-page spread that was printed in Club Marine magazine.


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