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Shipping Losses & Casualties concerning Aust.& N.Z $40.00. 2 vol set with detail of ship plus basic refs.

Inland Rivers Revisited $25.00. Examines some problems associated with steamers trading on Murray/Darling system in 19th century 

Encounter Bay Shipping, R T. Sexton. $9.50. Shipping movements during life of Pt.Elliot.

Early Steamships in Australia 9.95 - records introduction of steamers and history of ships.

Coals by Ship from Newcastle 8.00. Shipowners & fleets employed in 60-miler & other trade

Paddle Steamers of Australia & New Zealand 15.00. Details of ocean-going & harbour craft. 

Shipowners trading to northern rivers of NSW 12.50. An update of book 1 & 2 Shipowners series.

Shipowners Registering ships in Early Sydney 12.50. An update of material in books 5 & 6 in Shipowners series

The Adelaide Line 9.50. Centenary history of Adelaide S.S.Co with fleet lists and illustrations

Scuttled & Abandoned ships in Australian Waters 5.50. Disposal areas identified and details of ships

Australian Coastal Passenger Ships 12.50. Every vessel reported as a passenger ship before 1980

Sydney Ferry Fleets, A.MPrescott 12.50. History of the services:fleet lists, illustrations, indexed

South Australian Shipwrecks 1835-1899 $6.50. Description of loss/incident and detail of ship

Port of Maryborough 6.50. Early history of port, plus detail of ships landing immigrants and list of ships built or trading to the area.

Steam Tugs of South Australia 5.50. Details of all units employed in S.A.

Steam Tugs of Queensland. B. Martin. $7.50. Illustrated and indexed.

A Pioneer Australian Steamship Company 5.50. Australasian Steam Navigation Company and antecedents.

Ships Registered Fremantle before 1900 $7.50, as inscribed at Custom House,Fremantle

Ships Registered Newcastle,NSW, before 1900 $7.50 - from Custom House records

Geelong Customs Register of British Ships $5.00. Till 1900.

Ships Registered in Australia and New Zealand before 1850 15.00. Two book set compiled from Custom House records.

Steamships in Colonial Western Australia $6.00. Including passenger ships visiting in gold rushes 1880-1890s

The Black Diamond Line $3.50. Henry Simpson's fleet trading between Adelaide, Wallaroo & Newcastle.

Century of Steamship Wrecks in NSW $5.50. Detail of ship and report of incident.

Port Lincoln Shipping 6.50. Discusses whalers, wrecks and services.

Beach Boats,Press Boats & Semaphore 5.50. Activities of the Sandhill Savage (Richard Jagoe), the small boats & Coppin's interest in the area.

Ships of Burns,Philp & Co. $5.50.  Brief history of shipping and details of vessels.

The Navy in South Australia 4.00. Colonial units and HMCS Protector.

Ketches of South Australia 5.50. Details of the small sail traders.

The Fricker Story 4.50. History of an important small ship shipping agency in S.A.

Port Wakefield & Shipping 6.50. Development and decline of trade of a provincial outlet.

Ferries & Shipyards of Pt.Adelaide basin 3.50. Govt dockyard; Fletcher's slip, other yards and the
cross river ferries.

Steam to the IIlawarra 6.50. Inauguration of steam services,plus blue metal trade vessels

Port Misery & the New Port 4.50. The first landing place and developments on Port creek

Lighthouses of South Australia 3.50. Description,and location of important lights

Yorke Peninsula Shipping 3.50. Early shipping services and vessels to the peninsula

Abeona & the Hawson Family 12.50. Detail of ship and the family who owned it and the Settlement of Port Lincoln. by M.D.Carrick.

A Guide & Index to Early Colonial Ship Registers 7.50. An explanation of the system & index of vessels prior to 1875


Book 1.   North Coast S.N. Co and traders to Northern NSW rivers.
Book 2.   Continuation of northern rivers traders. 
Book 3.   Traders to and owners of Newcastle, NSW including 60 milers.
Book 4.   Additional information about traders to Newcastle.
Book 5    Owners registering in Sydney1800-1840
Book 6.   Continuation of book five - traders. 
Book 7. Registered at Sydney to 1849. 
Books 8, 9 & 10 Owners registering in MeJbourne 1839-1859.
Book 11.   Owners registering Launceston 1839-1859.
Books 12 & 13.   Owners registering in Hobart to 1859.
Book 14    Owners registering in Port Adelaide to 1869.
Books 15 & 16. Owners registering in Sydney in the 1850s.
Book 17.  Huddart and Parker of Geelong.
Book 18   Brisbane 1851 - 1880s.
Books 19 & 20. Registered to Sydney up to 1875.
Book 21 and 22. Owners registered to Melbourne to 1875. 
Books 23 and 24. Tasmanian owners to 1875, amednments and corrections to previous books and details of some later owners at all ports.


Migrant Sailing Ships from Hamburg. Details of most vessels arriving in Australian Ports.Prepared by Ronald ParsonsDetails of ships and outline history of Godefroy & Sons, Hamburg shipowners. $4.95 

Trying to Find a Seafaring Ancestror. A guide to potential sources of information.  $2.50

South Australian Newspapers
Some research notes made by the late L.S.Marquis on their history. $16.00


Ships of the Inland Rivers. Ronald Parsons. $35.00
A record of the shipping and shipowners on the Murray/Darling rivers. Indexed and fully illustrated. 

Southern Passages.  Ronald Parsons $30.00
Originally sponsored by the S.A. Government as one of the historical publications released during the states 150th  celebrations. A maritime history of South Australia, now reprinted.

Migrant Ships for South Australia 1836-1866. Ronald Parsons $27.50` 
A listing of every migrant ship to South Australia with despatch/arrival dates and details of ships with a description of a typical voyage.

Shipping.Arrivals & Departures South Australia 1827-1850 $25.00 
by R. T. Sexton, listing full details, masters, casuaities and other information, such as sources of illustrations etc.


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